Our mission

Empowering the next generation of civic leaders, because everyone should be
able to understand and take action on the issues that impact their lives.

The Countable Team

We're a group of technologists and journalists, activists and organizers. Together, we believe in the power of smart content and intuitive digital tools to lower barriers to community entry and participation.

Team Members

Bart Myers

Founder & CEO

Paul Stich


Stephen Leist


VP Engineering

VP Business Operations

Emily Bell

VP of Product

Ed Manning

Business Development

Mathews Pierson

Business Development

Amanda Crumley

Business Development

Sean Abrahams

Principal Software Engineer

Eric Revell

Legislative Director

Bronson McKinley

Senior Software Engineer

Massimo Cardarelli

Sales Associate

Tim Van Ness

Software Engineer

Monica Rao

Client Success & Operations

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Still Not Convinced?

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler engages her fans and supporters with powerful civic content and advocacy opportunities to get involved.

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Starbucks promotes its Action Center to facilitate civic education and engagement for its employees around the country.

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