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Political Campaign Solutions
Powering Winning Campaigns


Slogans and sound bites are only
stepping stones to deeper engagement.
Power your campaign with testimonials and content that magnify your message.

With a single click, our content management system enables you to post text, images, or videos and marry them with specific calls-to-action.

Automated re-engagement and gamification keep supporters coming back, further building campaign momentum.

Explore How Countable Powers Political Campaigns 


Candidate Campaigns

Collect and showcase supporter stories to inspire prospective voters. Build a home for your base to recruit others to your cause.
Engaging & Interactive (1)-1-2

Engaging & Interactive

Empower your audience with surveys, polls, and quizzes, as well as enable them to ask questions and record video testimonials.
Dynamic-Digital-Experience (1)

Virtual Events & Summits

Reimagine and optimize relationships with supporters. Create virtual town-halls, salons, convening, fundraising events, and conferences. Or create something as big as a virtual political convention, like what we powered for the DNCC in 2020!

Lead Generation

Collect contact details for everyone who takes action and submits a video, and follow up to deepen their engagement on the platform. You own 100% of all 1st-party data. 

Performance Metrics-1-1-1

Performance Metrics

Receive comprehensive analytics that specify how your audience is engaging with your content to optimize your impact. 

Voter Mobilization

Voter Mobilization

Amplify your Get-out-the-Vote efforts with heartfelt, powerful, and meaningful stories from voters ahead of Election Day.