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Our Platform is a Force Multiplier for Agencies 


Mobilize People. Inspire Action. Activate Data.


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Uber Video Impact Hub

Countable creates privately-branded digital platforms that put the power of many behind your clients to catalyze critical business and social outcomes.

The Problem


Social we know it works for the platforms, not people. Legacy platforms own audience, data, and reach, and engagement rewards the loudest, polarizing voices. It fails to foster an authentic community.

The true power of connection has yet to be realized. 

The Solution

Turn social media on its head and deploy a next-gen community engagement platform that combines the best of social media with a company-specific website.

Driven by a demand for building long-term relationships with meaningful results, brand communities are showing up, standing up, and speaking up to create purpose-driven connections to advance shared values and goals.

Brand-safe moderated environment with engagement tools that yield more time on page than static websites and the ability to scale to millions of users and thousands of micro-communities.

Uber Video Flow

How Countable works with your
existing teams, tech & tactics

Partner & Build

Work with your team to define goals.

We build the platform and seamlessly integrate it with your existing infrastructure.

Launch & Grow

We work with traditional and Countable-owned audiences to launch successfully. We help you re-engage your existing audience and expand into new ones. 

Enrich & Evolve

Our rich analytics dashboard with live, insightful metrics and customer success team optimize your client’s platform for continued success in an ever-changing environment.


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