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8 ways to boost employee engagement with an online community

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Employee engagement is a hot topic within the HR community, and rightly so.

According to Gallup's research, a staggering 70 percent of American employees are not engaged at work. This means they're going about their daily business without really caring about the company's goals or objectives, feeling little emotional attachment to their colleagues, and “just showing up”.

But it doesn't have to be this way, amongst the tools employers can employ to develop long-term workplace engagement is a purpose-built engagement platform. 

In this article, we'll introduce 8 ways an engagement platform can boost employee engagement and help management live up to and exceed your organization's mission.

1. Increase employee engagement and drive social collaboration across different business functions

Creating a community space for employees to discuss relevant topics in an informal setting allows them to develop their ideas, stay up-to-date with industry trends and share best practices within the company community. Make employees greater process leaders by opening cross-functional collaboration on a community platform.employees feel like they can make a difference when a company fosters collaboration

2. Gamify the employee experience to create a fun and competitive environment while tracking progress

By adding game mechanics such as points, levels, and badges, community managers can create a fun and competitive environment while tracking community engagement and performance. This encourages people to participate more actively in the community and improves the sense of camaraderie among employees.

3. Enable employers to celebrate milestones and reward employees for a job well done

With a community platform, you can elevate employee milestones at different levels of recognition. Onboarding tasks could be coupled with badges that will be visible on community members' profiles. New milestones on the other hand can be celebrated by posts created by community managers and other employees.


4. Curate content and resources that are relevant and helpful to employees

Providing community members with a central space where they can access community guidelines, community activity, and curated community content can reinforce the community's identity and help to highlight important information that employees should know.

Corporate community platforms are built around transparency - community members typically have access to a public community space where discussions take place alongside a private space where more sensitive information can be shared between employees in specific roles.

5. Increased employee engagement and productivity

Statistics show that community members are more engaged, motivated, and productive in community environments. A community platform provides companies with a foundation for bringing employees together. In a community, employees will also find it easier to collaborate with colleagues as a platform improves the speed of communication and puts teamwork first.

An organizations culture is an key way to improve every stage of the employee exerpience

6. Develop stronger company culture and values

By using community platforms as a tool to recognize community members who have made contributions that align with company culture and values, community managers can strengthen the sense of community within the business.


7. More effective communication between employees and management

A community can help increase transparency within the company and help employees have a dialogue with management. It also enables community members to discuss topics related to their roles without being inhibited by hierarchies.

8. Easier access to training and development resources

Community platforms provide managers with the tools they need to easily distribute organization guidelines, team activity, and human resources content regularly. These resources can also become strong training materials for new employees.


Implementing a community platform is a great way to boost employee engagement. Through these 8 factors, you can increase your employees' levels of satisfaction and productivity as well as create stronger company culture and values.

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