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COP26 - Where We Stand On Taking A Stand

Given there were 197 attending parties and over 28,000 attendees, the fact that COP26 achieved consensus at any level qualifies as at least a minor miracle. For all of its significant flaws, The Glasgow Climate Pact (the COP26 resolution) was, after all, was said and watered down, universally adopted.

But in the wake of state commitments to curb deforestation, reduce methane gas, and keep the earth’s thermostat from rising to the point Nevada becomes a coastal state, there were no clear directives for the rest of us--and the companies we support to become part of the solution.

COP26 succeeded in amplifying the need for us to think globally. But as governments plod forward at the warped speed endemic to massive bureaucracies, the brands we support will need to help us act locally. They have the funds, the marketing brawn, and the incentives to inspire their consumers, employees, and brand evangelists to come together and keep the planet from reaching the 1.5-degree threshold. They have the influence to lead, activate, and power the purposes. They have the opportunity to make the goals of COP26 a reality.

Here are a few ways companies are contributing:

Let us know your thoughts and where your brand stands.