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Countable Announces $12M Series A Funding

Investment will further Countable’s innovation and reach by empowering brands to engage their customers and employees in causes that matter.

Countable is proud to announce closing a $12M Series A funding round. The story was first covered in an exclusive with TechCrunch, which you can read here. The round serves as a strong endorsement of Countable's vision--to build technology that fosters authentic communication and facilitates critical business and social outcomes.

“As employees, customers and partners increasingly associate with brands whose values and actions align with theirs, Countable has become an essential platform for some of the world’s largest companies,” said Joydeep Bhattacharyya, general partner, Canaan Partners.

Countable grew its revenue by nearly 300% this past year, adding enterprise Fortune 100 clients to a roster that already includes Starbucks, Uber, and Levi’s. 

"Social media has taught us that engaging your customers as a community can help them become an incredible asset for any brand," said Bart Myers, CEO of Countable in an interview with PRNewswire.

Spanning many geographies, industries, and audiences, customers rely on Countable to power new ways of engaging their customers and partners everywhere, including brand and community awareness, employee advocacy, and influencing public policy and civic engagement.