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Employee Wellbeing, OneMillionAnd.One, and Momentum into 2023

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Dec 15, 2022 2:32:11 PM

As December rolls out and we speed closer and closer to the New Year, it's time for your business to prepare for a grand entrance in 2023. What strategies will ensure that you start off the year with momentum? Whether it's advocacy, employee wellbeing, or community building, we're here for it. Read on for...


  • 🌟(Free!) Playbook alert!🌟
  • The Business Case for Employee Wellbeing Heading into 2023
  • Make Time to Vote exceeds 2,000 members!
  • One Million And. One
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🌟 (Free!) Playbook alert !🌟

“The way we gather matters. Why? Because of what can happen when people come together, exchange information, inspire one another, test out new ways of being together. And yet most of us spend very little time thinking about the actual ways in which we gather … We spend much of that time in uninspiring, underwhelming moments that fail to capture us, change us in any way, or connect us to one another."
                                         - Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering

Building an engaged, online community is not a one size fits all proposition. The platform you use, the type of interaction you enable, and the topics you focus on will all be unique to your business goals and objectives. However, by understanding some of the principles that go into building a successful online community - from harnessing the power of brand enthusiasts to engaging authentic communities at scale- you can set yourself up for success.

This is why we've collaborated with Mighty Capital to create the Countable Community 3.0 playbook. Born out of a series of Mighty Capital Podcast episodes featuring different members of our team, this playbook for building engaged and empowered communities takes all the years of knowledge and insights our team has about community building and distills them into digestible, actionable sections. Featuring Jaime Peters, VP of Client Success and Operations, Fmr Tesla Sr Program Manager William Masterson, and VP of Product Emily Bell among others.

Get your copy here



The Business Case for Employee Wellbeing Heading into 2023

Employee engagement, measured by how much an individual feels dedicated and invested in their job and to their organization's goals, has plummeted since 2019.  In 2020, the world’s workers reported stress at work had reached an all-time high, at over 44% – a data point which rose even higher in 2021 and 2022.  Negative emotions at work (anger, sadness, etc) continue to surge. View that through the lens of ROI, and Gallup estimates that low engagement has cost the global economy US$7.8 trillion.

The bottom line? When employees have an improved sense of wellbeing, they work better, are more creative, stay longer, and take fewer sick days. When their wellbeing is neglected, the opposite is true, resulting in poorer quality of work, missed deadlines, and burnout. The ill effects are carried beyond the office as well. Employees with higher levels of burnout report difficulty balancing family responsibilities and a 23% increase in emergency room visits. Across the globe organizations face a stark challenge–only 9% of employees fall into the thriving and engaged category. The rest, according to studies, are 61% more likely to suffer from burnout.

So, how can your organization foster wellness among employees? Check out our newest blog post for some tips. 

time to vote

Make Time to Vote Exceeds 2,000 Members!

Countable powers Time To Vote,  an effort that was originally started by Patagonia, Levi’s and Paypal, to encourage businesses of all sizes to give their staff the time and resources needed to vote on Election Day. 

So far, Time To Vote has reached over 10 million US employees, and recently crossed 2000 companies-members. 

This effort was created to help ensure employees across America don’t have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck. 

Countable’s Impact platform gives members the resources and tools to give their employees access to and information about early voting or vote-by-mail options, offering paid time off on Election Day. 

The platform gives companies a robust Resource Hub, containing tool-kits to help drive civic engagement and voter participation. With midterms over we are proud to report on its measurable impact. 


million and one


One Million And. One

We are delighted to announce 'One Million and One' - a global campaign that will secure birth registrations for one million and one children living in street situations. Want to support? Check out http://onemillionand.one #Iamsomebody


Wishing you a great start to December!

Team Countable