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2.6.2023 Features Update

2.6.2023 Features Update

A new year brings new features. Our team has been hard at work and we’re excited to announce our new features, latest updates, and a brand new advocacy tool, hot off the press! 

Create Content with Confidence with our New WYSIWYG Editor - TinyMCE

Small yet mighty, TinyMCE packs a big punch. 

Countable’s Impact Site platform allows for the creation of  article pages that populate your newsfeeds with compelling content. Our dynamic content management system (CMS) makes it easy for Impact Site admins to draft, publish, and edit this content on an ongoing basis.

The TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor enables Impact Site admins to create content that is engaging and visually appealing allowing for text, hyperlinks, images, pdfs, third-party embedded tools and more.

Now more than ever, What You See Is What You Get with our newest WYSIWYG editor.

Found It! Search Your Content with Ease

Use the newly built content search functionality to effortlessly find specific Articles by title and content. Search your homepage newsfeed or on a profile by profile basis, using keywords that appear in the article title or article content. With this new function you can search for published OR draft articles.

Movin’ on Up with Move to Top

Easily showcase and feature a specific piece of content in your newsfeed with our new Move to Top feature. Choose any piece of published content and move it to the top of your newsfeed. 

This is the droid you’ve been looking for! Find Any  User with People Search

Users can be quickly search by any field in the user management section of our CMS including  first name, last name, email address, or favorite Star Wars film (we’re partial to the original, #3). You can now use the data you collect from users at sign-up to easily find them in our user management tool and revoke their membership, manage their site access, moderate their actions, view their profile information, or start a discussion about why Star Trek is the better show.

Send messages to whoever you want, wherever you are with our supercharged Advocacy

Lawmaker messaging is Countable’s most powerful tool for advocacy, allowing  users to connect with state and federal lawmakers via phone, email, or video message.

Last year, we enhanced our product to allow the selection of up to 15 custom lawmakers as targets and the ability to set up 15 default messages for users to choose from to send to lawmakers.

Now, you can create advocacy campaigns that can include selections of lawmakers from the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Senate, State House / Assembly, Governors, and even custom lawmakers (we’ve added our Product Manager Marcia as a lawmaker to test the system. Feel free to send Marcia  a message and let her know how great she’s doing).

Additionally, Countable’s advocacy campaigns now let users send messages to federal legislators via geolocation while also sending messages to state legislators via geolocation while also sending messages to up to 15 other legislators or  high-profile individuals (such as governors, CEOs, and administration officials).

If you’re a current Countable client and want to enable any of these features or updates on your Site, email us at operations@countable.com.

Introducing Advocacy Quickstart

Introducing Advocacy Quickstart, the latest in Countable's grassroots advocacy software suite. Quickstart simplifies and maximizes the efficacy of your campaigns. 

  • Mobilize in minutes with a rapid landing page builder.

  • Drive conversion & inspire advocates with multiple engagement options.

  • Track and optimize grassroots engagement campaigns with real-time reporting built-in.

grassroots advocacy software