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Patagonia makes waves, Time to Vote surpasses 2000 & Community Lab

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Patagonia shakes up the Business x Impact World

Patagonia has just taken corporate responsibility to the next level: making the Earth its only shareholder.  In their own words, they've "gone purpose," instead of "going public."

Patagonia is reshaping the conversation around Impact and sustainability, and redefining how companies can make a difference. They've raised the bar on Corporate Impact, but it remains unclear if other companies will ever meet this new standard. 

Still, one thing is certain: Corporate Impact will never be the same.

Read more about it here:


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Workers shouldn’t have to choose between earning a paycheck and voting. 

Patagonia is also an active partner with Levi's and Paypal on Time To Vote a nonpartisan initiative urging companies of all sizes to give employees paid time off on Election Day. It was created to help ensure employees across America don't have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck. Participation includes giving employees access to and information about early voting or vote-by-mail options, offering paid time off on Election Day or making it a day without meetings.

“Voting is a fundamental right enshrined by our founders, fought for by generations of civil rights activists, and defended by the brave men and women of our military,” said Corley Kenna, head of communications and policy at Patagonia, one of the founders of Time To Vote. “We want everyone to show up—our employees, customers, neighbors, friends, and even those who disagree with us—everyone. All of us benefit from living in a free and democratic society.”

The movement is 10 away from reaching the 2,000 company mark!

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From Countable: The Advocacy Toolkit

With midterms on the near horizon and women's rights hanging in the balance, there has been a surge in interest from companies seeking guidance on how they can support their employees and consumers in a nonpartisan way.

The Advocacy Toolkit is our response, built with insights over years of supporting brands and Impact organizations to mobilize their stakeholders around causes they care about. 

Countable back on the road: Sustainable Brands & Advertising Week, October 17-20 

Countable is back on the road this October, making a stop on each coast. On the East we'll be representing in New York at Advertising Week and on the West you can catch us in San Diego at Sustainable Brands. 

We're planning meetups for marketing, HR, and Impact leaders and would love to meet you. Get in touch with us at: events@countable.com.

Introducing Community Lab 

How do you grow a community?  Where do you start?  How do you build trust? What content should you be sharing? 

In our newest series, Community Lab, we bring together experienced team members from Countable who have led, managed, and marketed communities to talk about the tactics and strategies we can use to build engaging, trustworthy, and purposeful communities online.

In this episode, Countable CEO Bart Myers sits down with our CMO Jory Des Jardins and discusses how digital communities have evolved in the post web 2.0 world. 

Check out our first episode here

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