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Who Owns Your Audience's Data?

Recently Facebook announced the closure of Facebook Analytics. By itself, the change isn't devastating, but when considered alongside Apple's privacy updates, browsers killing the third-party cookie, and a bevvy of new state legislation around data usage, a larger problem of scarce, unreliable, or simply unavailable data is here.

It’s not that data is disappearing, but it is becoming more expensive. A major reason for the decrease in organic reach, even to current customers, is the need social media companies have to generate their own revenue from running ads. The bottom line? You have to pay each time you want to reach your customers, both new and current. The question becomes, how can your company reclaim its audience, instead of renting them from social media companies?

Own Your Presence

The solution to reclaiming your audience: an enterprise-grade engagement platform you own.  Here your brand takes centre stage, on the front and back-end. Brand-owned means companies are in the position to transform audience members into brand advocates. Communications turn into meaningful engagement and data points turn into analytics that drives revenue and retention.


The research found that companies spend four to nine times more to acquire new customers than they do to retain existing ones. The benefit of direct ownership of customer data is clear: active engagement with lower ad spend. Your customers, on your platform, will be your competitive advantage.

The Ideal Platform to Reclaim Your Audience 

Instead of Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, etc., take a moment to imagine a single platform--your platform. It is a platform that can scale with your campaigns and helps you target specific customer segments. Here’s what makes it so powerful:

  • You own the platform, you call the shots. The ideal platform should be outright owned by you. Interactions are data points you can use to build custom performance metrics, re-engagement hooks, and personalized experiences.

  • Engagement that catalyzes action. Customer interactions with the company, the platform, and other users ought to build brand loyalty and convert customers into brand advocates. 

  • A home base for you and your customers. The platform will ideally become a place where customers can share feedback, access support, and interact with valuable communications.

In the past, you’d have to piece together a wide variety of separate technologies to accomplish this - a CRM, website/app, marketing automation platform, and other tools--often in a clunky mix. But there’s a new type of platform emerging that combines these elements seamlessly, while still working with your existing technology stack, offering enterprise-grade privacy, security and scalability.

Countable's Privately Branded Customer Engagement Platform

Countable offers organizations a platform that functions as an ideal home for their audience. The platform can be fully integrated with your existing infrastructure, designed with your brand style guide, and live on your brand’s domain. Countable's engagement platform gives organizations complete control of the experience and, on the backend, full access to comprehensive data and performance metrics - including your audience data.