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A Purpose-Driven Company 

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Countable's Values

icon3 We produce an impactful technology solution that facilitates community, trust, and meaningful engagement.

icon4 We aspire for excellence, open-mindedness, creativity, teamwork, and a desire to constantly improve.

icon3 We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment makes us stronger, smarter, and more effective.

icon4 We strive to exceed the expectations of all of our stakeholders, from partners, clients, investors, and employees.

icon3 We are committed to making innovative technology that makes the world better and helps people to take action.

Full Stack Engineer

Join our small but mighty engineering team to help us build and scale our backend APIs, web clients, and mobile applications.

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Senior Associate, Client Success & Operations

Help spearhead a variety of client success and operations responsibilities. This position will involve close collaboration with clients externally, as well as with Countable team members cross-departmentally.

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Sales Development Representative 

Are you an experienced and ambitious sales development representative? Help us scale our sales initiatives.

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Growth Hacker

Collaborate with marketing teammates to identify areas for growth. This position will test and optimize marketing tactics for customer acquisition and conversion rate optimization.

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Account Executive

Are you an experienced and ambitious Sales Account Executive? Help grow Countable's client base.

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Paid Acquisition Manager

Grow leads generated from paid campaigns while improving CPA and LTV/CAC. This position will test and scale display ads, remarketing, and social media campaigns, in addition to monitoring, analyzing and optimizing all campaigns daily.

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Benefits Included

icon4  Competitive salary & Flexible Location

icon4  Equity participation & Unlimited Vacation

icon4  401k & Awesome Team

icon4  Subsidized:
                  - Medical
                  - Insurance
                  - Dental Insurance