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Children's Hospital Association case study | Countable
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Children's Hospital Association Hosts Virtual Family Advocacy Week in Response to COVID-19 Restrictions

In the wake of COVID, the Children's Hospital Association, an organization of children's hospitals with more than 200 members, needed a way for members and supporters to engage in lieu of in-person events. The association wanted a platform to host an online “Virtual Family Advocacy Week,” where members could join together to speak out on the importance of children’s healthcare coverage and provide support to one another around the unique challenges children and families face in healthcare system.


Countable Creates Branded Advocacy Hub for Children's Hospital Association, Empowering Supporters to Share Their Stories and Connect with Families

Countable provided the Children's Hospital Association with a branded advocacy hub for supporters to share their stories through an easy-to-use video submission flow. Countable’s integrated content management system made it a seamless experience for the Children's Hospital Association to curate and share those stories of advocacy with the rest of the association and staff.

As part of the Impact Hub, Countable also provided the Children's Hospital Association with tools to engage families. On this invite-only hub, families could meet other patient families via recorded videos and learn about the issues the Children's Hospital Association was slated to discuss with members of Congress.


Hundreds of VIP Families Sign Up and Share Their Stories in First Week, Empowering Action from Lawmakers

In its first week after launch, the Children's Hospital Association received hundreds of sign-ups from VIP families. The families were highly engaged — sharing their stories, asking questions, and advocating on behalf of their children.

In the following weeks, the families' recorded and shared videos were sent to lawmakers and key decision-makers — building empathy and empowering action.