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The Show Must Go On: Democrats Host Virtual Political Convention On Countable’s Platform

Covid-19 prevented the Democratic National Party from hosting its convention in person. Although there had never been a virtual party convention before, the DNCC knew it would have to innovate and sought an enterprise platform that would empower Americans to share their input on the party platform, enable Joe Biden supporters to post their personal stories, and facilitate interactions and enthusiasm among delegates and the general public.

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The DNCC partnered with Countable to bring user-generated videos and powerful storytelling to the first virtual political convention in history. 

Countable created a comprehensive mobile-optimized solution for the DNCC that enabled people to create and upload heartfelt videos. The platform included dedicated video hubs for videos related to the “Party Platform,” “I Know Joe,” and “Republicans for Biden,” as well as a members-only hub for delegates.

Some key features to our solution included:

- One click capability (no downloads required) for users to record their videos
- Admin dashboard to review, tag, publish, and curate video submissions
- Built-in Content Management System (CMS)
- Robust custom security features including standalone infrastructure and 2fa
- Transcoding videos with custom watermarks for elevated branding


The virtual convention was a massive success, with user-generated videos from the platform woven directly into the program Livestream.

- Tens of thousands of users
- Hundreds of thousands of page views
- Thousands of videos stories submitted