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Environmental Defense Goes On Offense: EDF Uses Countable’s Platform To Drive 60% Increase In Online Donations

Engaging the next generation of younger donors has become more difficult. Digital natives do not interact with non-profits the way their parents and grandparents did. They are less inclined to be legacy donors which has resulted in traditional audience acquisition channels becoming increasingly costly. EDF needed to find a new platform to stimulate awareness, acquisition, and donations.

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Connect EDF With Environmental Community on Causes.Com

Causes, with 190M users, is the largest purpose-driven network in the world. EDF partnered with Countable on a campaign to attract audiences directly from the Causes community. Countable packaged and promoted EDF’s content to registered users with a history of activism on environmental issues. Each piece of content was layered with calls-to-action and engagement hooks that encouraged participation and donations.


Online Donations Increased 60% Compared To Previous Online Campaigns

Beyond increasing their dollars per donor, EDF also added thousands of people to their mailing list.