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First Responders First | Countable

First responders First provide resources to help front-line workers.


First responders and healthcare workers were burned out after a year into the pandemic. Anxiety, exhaustion, and being apart from family and friends had taken an incredible toll physically and mentally. First Responders First, an organization that provides therapy for first-responders, wanted to advance a roadmap to well-being for the healthcare workforce.

Their goal was to make healthcare workers feel valued and supported. First Responders First’s ALL-IN WellBeing First for Healthcare Workers campaign aimed to do just that and rally public support for workers on the front lines of the COVID pandemic. The organization needed a way to distribute resources and wanted to make it possible for first responders to engage with the site and one another.


To meet the goals of First Responders First, the ALL-IN: WellBeing Patient Community Portal was designed to provide healthcare workers with actionable resources to support them during COVID and times of crisis. By providing critical resources, including a space for First Responders to apply for financial support from the ALL-IN Fund First Responders First could build an interactive community of individuals and organizations committed to advancing healthcare workers' well-being.


To date, First Responders First has reached over 700 community member sign-ups. Through the platform, First Responders First has been able to publish and organize over 50 pieces of content that have been read over 20,000 times.

First Responders First continues to host their community, share grant applications, accept donations, and publish resources using their Countable powered platform.