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"Testermonials": Jon Tester Utilizes User-Generated Video to Win Montana Senate Elections

Jon Tester was running for re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2018. Along with his innovative digital and field teams, Jon wanted to have a two-way conversation with potential voters.

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Countable-Powered Video Testermonials

Senator Tester and his team collected stories from every-day Montanans — called Testermonials — across the state, and then leveraged this content for greater impact in digital ads. These down-to-earth 'tell it like you see it'  narratives resonated with the average Montanan. Also, using Countable's geo-tagging technology, these messages could be hyperlocalized in their attribution and reach. 


Re-Elected To U.S. Senate

With video content collected with Countable the Tester campaign was able to create regional video montages with messages from constituents, issue-based video galleries specific to Montanans in 2018, and aggressive social promotion strategies resulting in widespread engagement. Jon Tester’s forward-thinking campaign showcases the power of user-generated video in grassroots campaign work.