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Illuminated: The McCain Institute Launches Non-Partisan Civic Engagement Platform “We Hold These Truths”

Human rights issues represent a global crisis, the solutions of which require dramatic increases in awareness, education, and participation. The McCain Institute wanted to create an online community designed to stimulate these key attributes and get people to act. This community would need to be built from scratch.

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A Countable-Built Engagement Platform Centered Around Information And Interactivity

Countable built weholdthesetruths.org. The McCain Institute defined the look and feel, and our platform enabled them to control the flow of content, attach a range of engagement functionality to every post, and own all first party data.To help launch the initiative, we promoted the site to individuals within our Causes database that had taken action on issues of human rights and social justice.


Within 12 Months Of Launch, 3000+ Users

Thus far, The McCain Institute has built a engaged community of human rights advocates who have taken over 11,000 actions over the past twelve months including 3,500 messages to 360 unique lawmakers.