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Brand Advocacy

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NooWorld Platform Amplifies Climate Activists' Voices and Organize Global Campaigns for Environmental Change

NooWorld is a platform built by climate activists for climate activists with a mission to organize green initiatives into larger coalitions and global campaigns. 

NooWorld needed help making a significant impact on public policy and sought a solution that ensured lawmakers heard activists. 

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Countable Platform Empowers NooWorld Users to Take Action on Key Issues through Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

Countable's advocacy tools enabled NooWorld users to take a stand on important issues, such as the wrongful incarceration of environmental lawyer Steven Donzinger. Utilizing the platform's features, users were able to actively participate in multiple grassroots advocacy campaigns by signing petitions and sending messages to legislators, primarily targeting the House of Representatives and key offices like the Attorney General's office.


Over 250 Lawmakers contacted by Thousands of Users.

Over the course of the first weekend, nearly 1000 messages were sent by users from 39 states. The environmental campaigns launched by NooWorld were highly successful in garnering widespread support and engagement from the public. They effectively mobilized thousands of individuals to take action through various means, including signing petitions and sending direct messages to lawmakers. Additionally, many individuals RSVP'd for in-person rallies, further demonstrating the campaign's impact. The campaign was crucial in sparking a nationwide conversation on climate change.