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Starbucks Promotes Civic Awareness And Participation To Its 300,000 American Employees On Countable's Platform

As a corporation committed to CSR, Starbucks wanted a dynamic and centralized hub to help its American employees broaden their civic awareness and register to vote. With tens of thousands of locations across the country, energizing employees to take this civic action was not easy. Starbucks needed a solution that was non-partisan and compelling enough to engage its employees on an ongoing basis. They needed a brand safe and curated platform to drive awareness and participation without the vitriol often generated in the broader social media landscape.

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Create an employee-engagement platform focused on non-partisan civic-engagement and voter registration

Countable created a digital destination branded by Starbucks which hosted a broad range of interactive content focused on helping Starbucks’ employees to register to vote and participate in civic engagement. Known as starbuckspartnersvote.com, this site has expanded to cover topics ranging from inclusivity, Covid-19, worker safety, and volunteering. Countable works closely with our Starbucks colleagues to ensure content is constantly refreshed and the various engagement hooks are tracked and measured.


Engagement among employees was so successful, Starbucks is deploying this platform to its customers

As a result of our partnership, starbuckspartnersvote.com is now the cornerstone of Starbucks’ CSR effort. Thousands of employees are engaging on a regular basis. Starbucks will soon roll this site out to all of its customers.