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Frequently Asked  Questions

How long does it take to build a Countable platform?

Every engagement with Countable begins with understanding your goals, timelines, deliverables, and feedback processes. We do the back-end work, with your primary role being to confirm and approve design and feature specifications. A typical full-scale impact hub implementation takes between 2 and 4 weeks from the time Countable receives design approvals. From colours to fonts, logos, graphics, and URLs, our team will match your branding guidelines and preferences and will work with you on the look and feel of your community site.

We move as quickly as possible, and since white-glove service is core to our company’s culture, an expedited development timeline is available if required.

Where does the Countable platform live?

As a stand-alone site or integrated with an existing digital web presence, our platform sites are custom-branded, white-labelled, with public, private, or application-based access. Countable is focused on creating safe two-way interactions between you and your customers, employees, and shareholders.

The dynamic community engagement platform brings the power of many to ignite marketing, media, communications, public policy, and social impact efforts, enhancing your brand and transforming a static, corporate website into a social destination for strategic audiences.

What internal resources does the Countable platform require from a company?

Rising above the clutter of social channels is the advantage of implementing a Countable platform. In a digital landscape fixated on immediacy, static content is the buzzkill. Your community is an asset in this mix. Inviting them to contribute, empower them to take a leadership role, and generate news ~content~ with you. The Countable platform offers the ability to parse, post, invite participation and keep the news current with calls to action, quizzes, polls, user-generated content.

To help build your audience, we make custom recommendations and if needed, Countable also offers extended content editorial and management services if internal resources are limited to keep your site fresh and engaging.