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Corporate Solutions

Connect With Your Community

Many of your brand's initiatives currently live on Facebook and Twitter - doing good and big social media don't mix. 

We have a different approach.

Countable’s platform builds sustained alliances between brands and their stakeholders, transforming shared purpose into trust, loyalty, and action.

You moderate and control what is published. And you own 100% of the data.

Our Community Engagement Platform Drives Brand Loyalty & Deepens Relationships with Stakeholders


Actionable Engagement

Assign an action to every piece of content you post, such as polls, surveys, petitions, pledges, user-generated video, and contact a lawmaker.


Brand Advocacy

Easily collect contact details for everyone who takes an action on your site and follow up to deepen their engagement. 


Performance Metrics

Receive comprehensive analytics that details your impressions, engagements, and usage patterns to optimize your impact.


Editorial Services

Build your audience with editorial and promotional services that immediately generate a positive return on investment. Market your brand and content to our audience of 190 million international users in our purpose-driven Causes community.


Marketing Content

Collect customer-generated video and written testimonials that enhance your brand, transforming a static, corporate website into a social destination for your consumer community. 


Corporate Policy

Drive geo-targeted messages to public officials via email, phone call, or video to speak out and shape policy and legislation decisions.

Corporate Success Stories

Engaged Stakeholders Move Mountains