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Challenge: Faced With Prohibitive Legislation, eBay Needed To Mobilize Its Marketplace To Defeat Proposed Law

The New York State legislature introduced a bill to create a sales tax on internet transactions in New York. If passed, the bill would saddle millions of vendors on the ebay marketplace with prohibitive fees. The eBay community needed a simple and effective way to inform lawmakers of their uniform opposition to this bill.

Solution: Creation Of A Centralized Platform For Members Of The eBay Community To Contact Lawmakers In Opposition

eBay and Countable collaborated to create a dedicated advocacy site. Known as eBay Mainstreet, the site was eBay-branded though entirely hosted and created by Countable. The site did not simply enable eBay to post content relevant to the issue. It deployed Countable’s state of the art lawmaker messaging functionality. Individuals could enter their comments, and with a single click enabled through geo-tags, forward their message directly to their local representatives.

Results: eBay And Its Partners Prevailed And The Legislation Was Dropped

Due to overwhelming opposition from eBay vendors, the NY legislature removed the internet sales tax from their final budget plan.
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