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Policymaker Contact

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Bring your grassroots campaigns to life by giving your supporters the ability to directly contact lawmakers through email, video, or patch-through call. With advanced geolocation technology, our platform matches supporters with the right lawmakers, ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Whether targeting local officials, state legislatures, or federal offices, our Policymaker Contact tool helps you achieve a lasting impact.


Contact any office

Easily select federal and state lawmakers as targets for campaigns. For campaigns targeting other offices, the Custom Advocacy option makes reaching anyone form federal office-holders to mayors to CEOs simple.


Geolocate representatives

Help supporters easily locate and message the correct representatives with our advanced geolocation technology. Streamline your campaigns and ensure your message is delivered to the right people.


Email, video, or call

Empower supporters to reach their lawmakers through their preferred method of communication with Countable's built-in email, video, and call options.


International advocacy

Reach Canadian lawmakers. With Canadian Lawmaker Messaging, expand your impact and run campaigns at the federal level in Canada. Our district matching functionality connects you to your specific federal lawmakers.