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Advanced Features for Secure Identity Verification and Enhanced Online Safety

Countable is equipped with robust identity verification technology to confirm the authenticity of each user while offering extensive safety and moderation tools to create a trusted environment to counteract online threats, bots, & generative AI.

User Identity Verification


How we use data to validate users

Our approach to user validation and bot prevention involves a thorough examination of various data points, including: user data entry, profile completion, custom fields, user events & actions, user history, and their interaction with other users.

  By scoring these various factors, we can accurately assess the authenticity of each user and ensure a safe and secure online environment.


Email Validation

Facebook Authentication

Apple ID

Open ID

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Admin Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Online Safety & Security

Community Moderation

Users control their data and their public persona, follow users they trust and empower them to flag suspicious actors or content on the platform.

Admins' roles / tiers can be assigned to help safeguard bad actors and ban them if necessary. Regular activity reports help admins to approve or reject certain user-generated content. 

In addition, admins can set the access level of their communities from public to private with options in between. Review users before they are permitted to join your community.

Compliance & Data Protection


General Data Protection Regulation


California Consumer Privacy Act


Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act


Communicating with Congress

Data Encryption

Bots & Automation Detection

Moderation & Monitoring tools

Oversee all interactions

Comment Flagging System

Manual / automatic removal of user content

Shadow Banning

Silence suspicious users discreetly

Enhanced security through GlobaliD

GlobaliD empowers individuals to take control of their digital identities with a secure and privacy-first platform. By digitizing and encrypting important IDs, GlobaliD eliminates the need for physical identification and simplifies processes like signing up for services or logging in securely without traditional passwords. Cutting-edge identity standards and encryption technology ensure the highest level of security, while one-click copy ID numbers and QR code scans enhance convenience. Over 600,000 people trust GlobaliD to bypass the vulnerabilities of insecure usernames and passwords, including for Countable powered communities.