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Simplify advocacy.
Maximize impact.

Countable’s grassroots advocacy software combines lawmaker messaging, supporter storytelling, and campaign reporting to make your campaigns as effective as possible.

Elevate your grassroots advocacy campaigns.


Contact any policymaker

From the White House to state legislatures to the head of the SEC, we make it easy to contact any policymaker.


Manage the message

Provide advocates with a default message to send or let them write their own.


Grow advocate lists

Collect all lead information from your users and build your list of advocates ready to take action.


Geolocate Representatives

Eliminate uncertainty for your users by automatically connecting them with their elected representatives.


Analyze campaign effectiveness

Track progress, measure impact, and optimize future campaigns with detailed reports.


Maximize advocate conversion

Maximize the impact of your advocacy. Send messages through email, video, social, and phone calls.

Companies, organizations, and agencies working with leading brands choose Countable.

Countable is built by a team of technologists, digital strategists, and policy experts who set out to build a better way to engage online audiences around the causes they care about.

Our advocacy software equips public affairs professionals with innovative tools to harness grassroots support immediately and then continue to engage supporters between hair-on-fire asks.

“Countable made launching our new engagement platform so simple. The site was up and running faster than we expected and the support from the staff has been spectacular.”


Christy Duncan Anderson
Director, Albertsons Companies Foundation


Advocacy software to match your grassroots movement.

Advocacy Quickstart

Rapid response advocacy solution. Have landing page for a single campaign up in minutes.


Everything you need to be up in minutes...

Lawmaker Messaging
Simple branding
Basic integrations
Lead generation
User-generated video
Reporting & analytics
Support staff

Advocacy Impact Hub

Your advocacy command center. Have a custom-branded site to run many campaigns at once & build your advocate community.


Everything in Quickstart Campaign plus...

Custom policymaker targeting
Fully branded action center
Multiple campaigns
Polling & surveys
Advanced analytics
Message cycling
Community feed
Advanced integrations
Gamification & re-engagement
Dedicated strategist & priority support
& much more...
The Most Important Pieces of Legislation the US Government Must Pass Every Year

The Most Important Pieces of Legislation the US Government Must Pass Every Year

Examples of Successful Digital Advocacy Campaigns
Examples of digital advocacy campaigns

Examples of Successful Digital Advocacy Campaigns

What is grassroots lobbying?

What is grassroots lobbying?