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Advocacy Quickstart
Advocacy Impact Hub

The advocacy platform for ongoing engagement

Building awareness and driving actions between hair-on-fire moments means your advocates will be ready to mobilize when it matters most.

Countable Impact Hub Advocacy Platform

Advocacy Impact Hub Platfom Features



Pre-built and custom engagement modules guide advocates to take action.

  • Lawmaker Messaging
  • Video Testimonials
  • Opinion polling
  • Petitions


Integration logos


Fully featured action site to make your audience advocates

Search • Content Discovery • Internationalization • Gamification


Specify who has access and what they can post

  • Create internal networks
  • Launch private and public-facing hubs 
  • Upload invite lists


Understand your platform's engagement, from trends to individual actions


Create unlimited campaigns

From the White House to state legislatures to the head of the SEC, we make it easy to contact any policymaker.


Fully branded action center

Build your action center on your domain and with your brand. 100% white-labeled.


Video collection and management

Provide advocates with a default message to send or let them write their own.


User Profiles

Collect all lead information from your users and build your list of advocates ready to take action.


Advanced Analytics

Analyze data about your audience so you can learn more than just campaign performance.


Audience Engagement

Maximize the impact of your advocacy. Send messages through email, video, social, and phone calls.

Get started today

Activate your advocacy platform in three steps.

Group 213


Countable specialists will guide you through the process and best practices of setting up your Advocacy Impact Hub.

Group 214


Launch your Advocacy Impact Hub publically or privately and invite advocates to join.

Group 215


Retain advocates and grow lists with surveys, reactions, activity leaderboards and badges.

1000’s of driver actions and videos in response to critical legislation.

Organizing global campaigns for environmental change.

Need to run a campaign immediately?

Creat your first campaign today with Advocacy Quickstart


What is the difference between Advocacy Quickstart and Advocacy Impact, and which solution is right for me?
Advocacy Quickstart:

Advocacy Quickstart is a rapid response advocacy solution that provides a way for companies, nonprofits, and individuals to launch lightly branded lawmaker messaging campaigns that can be up in minutes. Use this product if you need a quick and easy solution for facilitating lawmaker messaging.

Advocacy Impact:

Advocacy Impact is a comprehensive tool for organizing and executing your advocacy efforts. It’s a great fit for organizations who do multiple campaigns, who have multiple asks or actions from their audience, who are looking to deepen their connection with their supporters and more. It includes all the Quickstart features as well as advanced analytics, user story collection, a fully-branded action center, an integrated CRM and much more. It also includes features to increase engagement, like gamification and re-engagement, and comes with dedicated support from a strategist and priority support.

How long does it take to on-board Countable’s platform?

For Advocacy Impact Hub a typical full implementation takes between 2 and 4 weeks from the time Countable receives design approvals. We always move as quickly as possible, and since white glove service is core to our company’s culture, we are always open to discussing what an expedited development timeline entails if helpful for your implementation.

With Advocacy Quickstart you can be up within an hour. We'll schedule a call to learn more about your campaign and goals and can have a platform up by the end of the call.

Who can I contact through Policymaker Contact?

The platform enables users to seamlessly connect with their elected officials on all levels of government, including federal, state, and local representatives, as well as governors and other key figures in local municipalities. But Countable’s capabilities don’t stop there - you can also reach out to committees, departments, and even CEOs, making it effortless to connect with anyone who has a digital presence.

How does gamification work?

We use a variety of gamification features to encourage users to visit the platform regularly, take action, and continue to participate in order to deepen their engagement. Some examples of these gamification features include earning points and badges and displaying a leaderboard to showcase the participation of users in the community. These features are designed to create a sense of accomplishment and competition, which in turn leads to increased activity and user involvement on the platform.

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