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Advocacy Quickstart
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Launch advocacy campaigns
in days minutes.

Launching grassroots advocacy campaigns has been clunky and painful, until now. Advocacy Quickstart streamlines your process and simplifies putting your audience in contact with policymakers.

Create movements in moments.

See Advocacy Quickstart in action.


Contact any policymaker

From the White House to state legislatures to the head of the SEC, we make it easy to contact any policymaker.


Manage the message

Provide advocates with a default message to send or let them write their own.


Grow advocate lists

Collect all lead information from your users and build your list of advocates ready to take action.


Geolocate Representatives

Eliminate uncertainty for your users by automatically connecting them with their elected representatives.


Analyze campaign effectiveness

Track progress, measure impact, and optimize future campaigns with detailed reports.


Maximize advocate conversion

Maximize the impact of your advocacy. Send messages through email, video, social, and phone calls.

How to get started

Launch message-ready campaigns in three easy steps.

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Get in touch

Fill out a short get started for us to spin up your Advocacy Quickstart Portal

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Check your inbox

We will reach out to confirm your account, grant you admin access to your portal, and help you get started.

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Launch your campaign

Start creating campaign pages for advocates to contact policymakers.

JUST Egg Launches 'Egging On Congress' Campaign with Advocacy Quickstart

Ready to launch your first grassroots campaign?
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What is the difference between Advocacy Quickstart and Advocacy Impact, and which solution is right for me?
Advocacy Quickstart:

Advocacy Quickstart is a rapid response advocacy solution that provides a way for companies, nonprofits, and individuals to launch lightly branded lawmaker messaging campaigns that can be up in minutes. Use this product if you need a quick and easy solution for facilitating lawmaker messaging.

Advocacy Impact:

Advocacy Impact is a comprehensive tool for organizing and executing your advocacy efforts. It’s a great fit for organizations who do multiple campaigns, who have multiple asks or actions from their audience, who are looking to deepen their connection with their supporters and more. It includes all the Quickstart features as well as advanced analytics, user story collection, a fully-branded action center, an integrated CRM and much more. It also includes features to increase engagement, like gamification and re-engagement, and comes with dedicated support from a strategist and priority support.

Who can I contact through Advocacy Quickstart?

The platform enables users to seamlessly connect with their elected officials on all levels of government, including federal, state, and local representatives, as well as governors and other key figures in local municipalities. But Countable’s capabilities don’t stop there - you can also reach out to committees, departments, and even CEOs, making it effortless to connect with anyone who has a digital presence.

How does video advocacy work?

We use video all of the time in our day to day lives, shouldn’t your next advocacy campaign? Countable’s platform makes it simple for users to capture and share their own authentic voice and story as user generated videos. Whether it's for sending a message to their elected officials or simply sharing their stories in support of a specific issue, we make it very easy. 

From a mobile phone or desktop advocates just click the “Record Video” button, launching the video capture flow, and then start recording. This flow can be launched from anywhere, making it easy to find and use. The video capture process is simple and user-friendly, and includes instructions and best practices to help them create and send their videos. 

As an added bonus, the video capture flow can be customized to match your brand, ensuring that it looks and feels like an integral part of your website or app.

What resources do I need to get started?

You will need to provide Countable with a preferred or existing style guide: hex codes, typeface, header images, and logos.

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