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AI x Advocacy Roundup: Week of May 1st

Want to stay ahead of the curve in the world of AI? Look no further!

Our roundup, created with the help of Causes.com, is your one-stop-shop for the latest news and resources to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Heres the latest: 


AI 'Godfather' Warns There Is Danger Ahead

  • The “godfather of AI,” Geoffrey Hinton, left his role at Google, where he worked as an artificial intelligence pioneer for over a decade so that he could speak freely about the risk of the up-and-coming technology. 

  • On Monday, Hinton officially joined a growing group of critics speaking out against AI, saying developers are moving toward dangerous territories. The experts are calling out companies like Google for their aggressive campaigns to create products based on generative AI, like ChatGPT. Hinton fears the race may heighten until it’s impossible to stop. 

  • Many industry insiders say these new systems could lead to world-altering breakthroughs, similar to the introduction of the web browser in the 1990s. They believe the impact will be so significant that it will risk jobs, information safety, democracy, and even humanity. 

  • Hinton, who built the system that led to the creation of ChatGPT, even went so far as to say he regrets his life's work. He believes that as AI systems improve, they'll become increasingly dangerous. He said:



Lawmakers Fail To Differentiate Between Human and AI Letters

  • A new study by Cornell University revealed that state legislators in the U.S. are unable to distinguish between AI-generated letters and those written by actual constituents.

  • The groundbreaking research is raising concerns about the security of the nation's democracy, as it relies directly upon the public having a fair say in what their elected representatives are taking action on. 

  • While the study is only a preliminary step, and more research is needed to examine the full effects of AI on democracy, the analysis shows that technology is evolving to influence politics. The study's authors urge lawmakers to be more mindful of how AI can be misused to disrupt the democratic process. 


Should Congress Regulate AI?

  • In recent weeks, Congress has been considering legislation to regulate artificial intelligence. 

  • Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has taken early steps toward legislation, circulating a broad framework on regulating AI among experts. The framework "outlines a new regulatory regime that would prevent potentially catastrophic damage to our country while simultaneously making sure the U.S. advances and leads in this transformative technology."

  • In March, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) introduced a bill written by ChatGPT that called for a nonpartisan commission on AI regulation.


Advocacy in the Age of AI: Navigating the Risks

In this video Countable CEO and founder Bart Myers breaks down exactly how generative AI will change how we communicate with lawmakers.



AI x Advocacy Community

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AI & Advocacy: A Primer on Challenges, Opportunities, & Solutions

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  • Tips and techniques to fine-tune prompts for accurate and engaging content

  • Efficient workflow for using ChatGPT to generate pillar content.

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