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How It Works

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Here are the steps to getting you up and running

Part 1


Every engagement with Countable begins with a kickoff call to confirm your goals, timelines, deliverables, and feedback processes.

We do the back-end work, with your primary role being to confirm and approve design and feature specifications. From colors, to fonts, logos, graphics, and URLS, our team will match your branding guidelines and preferences and will work with you on the look and feel of your community site.


Part 2


Once you have approved the site, we set a date and launch.

To help build your audience, you can utilize our extremely simple and intuitive audience management system to mass-invite critical stakeholders to your community site.

Additionally, you can choose to leverage Countable's Causes platform. Causes is the largest purpose-driven network in the world, with 190 million people.

As part of the launch, we can push messages on your behalf to highly-targeted members of the Causes community.

Part 3

Analytics & On-Going Support

Your site is live, and your community is buzzing. But is the site reaching your goals?

Countable's platform contains a robust analytics dashboard detailing how well each piece of content is performing and critical metrics on audience engagement with your content.

The date is accessible 24/7/365. We can also help you surface and parse the data in digestible formats and in weekly reports.

Your account manager is always available to brainstorm ways of optimizing your site and growing engagement.


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