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Human Rights Campaign


Challenge: To Transform An Intellectual Debate Into Visual Stories 

While gay marriage was being debated nationally, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) knew that its members had powerful stories to tell about their experiences with homophobia and discrimination. Personal stories move mountains and change perceptions. HRC needed a seamless solution to collect and showcase the wealth of first person stories it knew it could harness.

Solution: Create A Platform That Could Educate, Inspire, And Change Perceptions

HRC partnered with Countable to build a site focused on impact, education, and advocacy. Community members were empowered to record videos and send them to local, state, and national lawmakers, all built on Countable’s geo-tagging technology. Through a dedicated dashboard, HRC was able to approve or reject each video before posting. HRC retained rights to all videos, many of which they included in their annual fundraising campaign.

Results: HRC Was At ForeFront Of Gay Marriage Legalization 

HRC collected hundreds of videos that focused on human stories of homophobia and bigotry. HRC members sent more than 1000 messages and saw unprecedented conversion and engagement metrics. HRC also boosted its online donations significantly.