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How can you support stakeholders impacted by the overturn of Roe vs. Wade? Advocacy.

Since the Supreme Court’s decision

to overturn Roe vs. Wade there has been a surge in interest from companies seeking guidance on how they can support their stakeholder ecosystems.

This free Advocacy Toolkit is our response,

built with insights over years of supporting brands and Impact organizations to mobilize their stakeholders around causes they care about. 

The Countable Advocacy Toolkit includes 

  1. First Thing’s First: Provide Support Before You Build an Advocacy Platform (Adweek Excerpt Sidebar)
  2. The Three Fundamentals of Building an Advocacy Platform
  3. The Four Rules of Community Mobilization
  4. Case Studies: How Three Companies Used Stakeholder Advocacy to Achieve Impact
  5. Solutions: Quickly Activate Your Advocacy Campaign Using Countable
  6. Resources

We hope this resource makes a difference for your organization.

–Team Countable

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