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Community Lab

Episode 1 - Online Community from the Business Perspective

Welcome to Countable's new series, Community Lab! In each episode, you'll hear from Countable experts in community building, community managing, and digital campaigning and get their insights on what it takes to create engaged communities. As we move deeper into the series we will also explore the challenges and opportunities that come with community building, and explain how they can be utilized to your benefit. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, this series is for you!

In the first episode of Community Lab, Countable's CEO, Bart Myers, and CMO, Jory Des Jardins, discuss the foundational elements of creating a community. They discuss what community means for an enterprise company, uncover the art of engaging members, and dive into the importance of content for jumpstarting and sustaining a community. This episode is a great primer for anyone looking to create or grow a community online.