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Impact All Stars

Join host and Impact Strategist Elissa Fisher Harris in chats with business leaders committed to making a difference. Learn the challenges they faced and how they've successfully incorporated Impact into their organizations.

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Episode 6: Business with impact at its core

Building a business with impact at its core

Jake Kloberdanz, Co-Founder & CEO of ONEHOPE consultants discusses the success achieved building a platform and winery with impact at its core from day one. Watch the full episode:

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Episode 5: Building Civic Engagement Into Business

Interview with Mairin Macaluso

Mairin Macaluso, Co-Founder of Corporate Civic consultants discusses the why and how of participating in civic engagement at the executive level.

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Episode 4: Impact Through the lens of Marketing - Jeff Davidoff

Jeff Davidoff interview: creating social impact through the lens of marketing

Jeff Davidoff discusses the tactics he uses as a marketer to promote measurable impact.

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Episode 3: Developing an impact strategy with Sophie Bidwell

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Episode 2: Where Business and Philanthropy Meet with Mike Heffernan

Mike Heffernan explains a business model with philanthropic responsibility

Host Elissa Fisher Harris interviews Mike Heffernan, Founder and CEO of Heffernan Insurance Brokers, about the process and benefits of incorporating philanthropy in a business strategy

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Episode 1: Michael Stausholm, SproutWorld

CEO of Sproutword, Michael Stausholm, shares advice about creating a business with environmental impact at its core.

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