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Own your audience.

Countable helps brands get ahead of privacy changes, regulatory pressures and take ownership of their data.

Changes made by Apple and Google are forcing brands to re-evaluate traditional data-gathering tactics.

Old wisdom points to third party data-brokers like social media or ad networks, but these too are becoming incredibly restrictive.

It's time for brands to be first-party data-focused. 

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Changes to the data landscape are here.

New privacy protections put in place by tech giants and governments are threatening the flow of user data that companies rely on to target consumers with online ads.

As a result, companies are taking matters into their own hands.

Learn how we help are helping brands do just that: 

With Countable - Brands own all first-party data build direct relationships with customers

Create a social experience that enables you to fully manage
your audience, curate the experience and own 100% of the data. 

See why brands are focused on first-party data →

Brand Safe

White-labeled and built on your domain or subdomain.

Total Ownership

Complete control of your audience & data


Easily manage millions of users & customer segments

Seamlessly Integrations

Simply integrates with your existing tech stack

User Profiles

Track all user interactions with other members & your brand

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