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Partnership for New York City


Challenge:  300 Large NYC Companies Want Their Employees To Participate In Local Elections

Representing nearly 300 of New York City's top corporations, the Partnership for New York City builds bridges between its member companies and government. Believing there is a 'strength in numbers', PFNYC needed to create a private, secure, and curated site for members to take action and advocate for the business community.

Solution:  A Private Community Dedicated To Local Civics 

Balancing issues of privacy with the goal of actively engaging employees, Countable built a PFNYC-branded site called Your Local Impact.  The site supports private membership, a dynamic range of content, and calls to action which include voter registration and pledges. Individual member companies may also create their own branded versions of the deployment and highlight content specific to their industry.

Results:  2,500 User Applications Within Three Months

Although this platform recently launched, in the course of the first three months, PFNYC has seen over 2,500 users apply and join their community. PFNYC easily and regularly posts new content & actions for members pertaining to local civic issues.