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Challenge: Restore Community Trust And Improve Brand

Devastating wildfires and blackouts were crippling Pacific Gas and Electric image and eroding its brand loyalty and trust. It needed to repair relationships with its consumers and create a reliable and trustworthy online environment.

Solution: Create Information and Resource Center

PG&E partnered with Countable to create an online “Safety Action Center.”  It supported their consumers by offering a range of resources on emergency preparedness, updates on issues, safety tips and strategies, and even quizzes to promote best practices in the event of power loss or fire. Users engaged through light form polls, reactions, and quizzes, which provided PG&E with hard data to track the efficacy of their safety center resources. Countable transformed what was initially a static website into an engaging and community-driven experience.

Results: 87% Improvement In Brand Perception From Customers 

More Than 1 Million Visitors to Safety Action Center since its launch. When polled, 70% of users indicated they intend to adopt precautionary measures related to fire prevention. The platform has been credited with drastically improving consumer education, which will hopefully result in lives saved.