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Advocacy Portal

Connect Stakeholders with Decision Makers

With a few clicks, Countable's Advocacy Portal enables you to connect key stakeholder voices with lawmakers, business leaders, and other key decision-makers.


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A Platform to Turn Audience into Advocates


Connect Stakeholder with Decision Makers

Countable's Advocacy Portal enables you to connect your audiences with lawmakers, from local to federal, or other key decision-makers. Empower your audience to easily place a call, or send a written, or video message.


Easily Collect User Generated Content

Beyond written comments and replies, Countable's built-in video capture gives you a new approach to acquiring user-generated content. With a click of a button, users can submit their voices.

Action Content

Action-Oriented Feeds

A customizable hub gives your brand the flexibility to display content the way it's meant to be seen, so your most important news always stays at the forefront, and most importantly, drives critical action.


Fully Customizable

As a white-labeled solution, Countable's platform is designed to fit seamlessly into your current digital presence.


Gamify Action-taking

Reward member actions with built-in points, badges, and a leaderboard system. Members can show off their commitment to their community.


Detailed Analytics

Real-time analytics keep you up to date with every aspect of your community, from site engagement, to content reports, to platform performance.

Powering Winning Advocacy Campaigns

Fast, efficient, and led by experts in the content building phase, we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

Build trust and loyalty. Turn customers into brand advocates

 Customizable modules allow members to safely contact key stakeholders and submit their voices in the form of posts, polls, comments, or video clips. Easily enable your top brand enthusiasts to become your advocates

Keep audiences engaging

Keep audiences engaging by giving them meaningful actions to take after they’ve read an article, streamed a video, registered for a Webinar, or attended a live event. Educate audiences and empower them to make a difference in their communities

Advocate for the future

Innovative technologies often push limits beyond what we think is possible. The Countable platform specializes in activating your early adopters to help level the playing field and advocate on your behalf to ensure your products and services can come to market.

Tools for effective community building

Stakeholder | Lawmaker Messaging

Direct outreach to influential stakeholders, with templatized and open messaging.

UGC Video Capture

Collect and showcase stakeholder stories and testimonials, to inspire the community, recruit others to join, and enhance your brand.


Reward member actions with built-in points, badges, and a leaderboard system. Members can redeem points for visual or physical items.

Impact Amplification

Expand your community reach to millions of civically-minded individuals by opting to promote your public-facing impact initiatives on our sister platform, Causes.