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Voter Center

Your turnkey Get Out the Vote solution

Help your stakeholders register to vote, make sure that they understand their ballots, provide opportunities to volunteer, and ensure they make it to the polls.

“Democracy really only works if people go out and vote. So how do we make sure that every eligible voter is registered and gets out?”

— Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi Strauss

Companies Make Push to Give Workers Time to Vote, wsj.com

Make Employee Voices Count

With Countable, you can easily create a voter center that will make your U.S. employees feel empowered
to participate in our democracy. Our data-driven Get out the Vote (GOTV) solution has mobilized millions of employees. 

The Countable Voter Center Drives:

Newsfeed-icon Voter Education

Use Countable's content library powered by Causes.com to quickly deploy award-winning education resources on topics from federal elections to local ballot measures.

CTA_Icon Impactful Actions

Marry the right information with the right action to maximize impact. After years of powering civic engagement campaigns, Countable knows how to move audiences from observers to action-takers.

user-icon Brand Affinity

Now more than ever, employees want employers to align with their values. Provide a fully branded and safe space to build trust and loyalty. 


Powering Winning GOTV Campaigns

Fast, efficient, and led by experts in the content building phase, we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

A Platform to Inform, Engage, & Activate


Fully Branded

Countable's white-label platform is designed to fit seamlessly into your current digital presence.

Action Content

Action-Oriented Feeds

A customizable hub allows you to display content how it's meant to be seen, so your most important news always stays at the forefront and drives critical action.


Gamify Action-taking

Reward member actions with built-in points, badges, and a leaderboard system. Members can show off their commitment to their community.


Detailed Analytics

Real-time analytics keep you up to date with every aspect of your community, from site engagement, to content reports, to platform performance.

Launch your Voter Center today.