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Engaged communities are engines for lasting social impact.

Countable solutions help brands connect stakeholders with Social Impact, Sustainability, CSR, and ESG goals.

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Impact matters for every business, with growing urgency and pressure coming from all sides.


Of employees believe that now, more than ever, companies must lead with purpose.
Source: Porter Novelli


Of global consumers say they’ve taken a stand against companies they disagree with.

Source: Zeno Group


Of S&P 500 companies published a CSR report for investors in 2019, compared to just 20% in 2011.

Source: Harvard Business


Of PR professionals say “activist demands” is the business challenge they expect to increase most.

Source: USC Annenberg Center

Countable's Impact Portal makes it easy for stakeholders to engage with your CSR programs.

How we helped Patagonia informed and engaged 8 million voters →

ESG and CSR programs platform

Countable's enterprise engagement platform supports your strategy to educate, inspire, & drive action

Turn Audiences into alliances. Gather Real Insights. Measure Your Impact. Get Credit for Doing Good. 

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How we're helping socially responsible companies

Fast, efficient, and led by experts in the content building phase, we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.
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Brand Affinity

Increase in Brand Favorability

When PG&E needed a place customers could access emergency preparedness resources Countable delivered.

Brand Value

A Coalition of Over 2000 Companies

Levis, Patagonia, and PayPal wanted to ensure their employees had time to vote. An impact site let other CEOs join the pledge.

Features to make Corporate Social Responsibility more engaging

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Inspire users to collaborate, share, and interact for rewards.

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Reward Programs & Leaderboards

Users will be rewarded badges & appear on the leaderboard



Direct message lawmakers to take action

Donate & Volunteer

Take action faster by giving users the ability to donate & volunteer

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User-Generated Videos

Users will have the opportunity to share their own stories with videos


Users can participate in polls to collect public opinion

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Community Forums

Engage, communicate, and share knowledge with others about a wide range of topics

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Social Sharing

Share content with other users outside of the platform

Three Pillars to Power Your Social Impact Initiatives

A platform tailored for Social Responsibility

Using your branding, we rapidly create digital communities to inspire communities to inspire support for  CSR programs.

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Reach cohorts within Countable's database of over 190 million registered users worldwide that have taken action on a range of causes.


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Award-Winning Content

Our award-winning editorial team designs, authors, and refreshes content for a broad range of social impact and sustainability issues. 

How we helped Starbucks' social impact programs →


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