Turn Your Team into a Community

Introducing Countable Action for Corporate Social Responsibility: a white-label solution that allows you to engage, empower and retain your employees.

Recent Success Stories

eBay gave New Yorkers the tools to advocate against the Internet sales tax with thoughtful video messages.


Twitch put its audience in touch with lawmakers and empowered them to take action on net neutrality.


Starbucks promotes its Action Center to facilitate civic education and engagement for its employees around the country.



Community Development

Give your employees the opportunity to get involved with their community, learn more about the issues affecting them, and join a network of civic action-takers.

Employee Wellbeing

Cultivate an environment that's social, responsible, and issue conscious. This will retain your employees, attract better talent, and appeal to millennials.

Civic Engagement

Enable your employees to learn about the issues that matter to your company, and then contact their lawmakers to share their perspectives on those key issues.

Non-Partisan News

Make it easier for your employees to become active community members by empowering them with non-partisan civic news and legislative summaries.


Starbucks Action Center

The Starbucks Action Center is leveraging our product suite to empower its employees with non-partisan civic engagement opportunities. From relevant news to legislative summaries, they're helping folks connect with their local communities.

1. To engage its employees around non-partisan civic issues
2. To equip its employees with the tools to become active community members
3. To continue paving the way in corporate social responsibility

In addition to empowering its employees with non-partisan civic resources, Starbucks is leveraging social proof to help get folks involved. Its doing this by collecting civic stories from amongst its employees, and using these stories to inspire other to become more engaged.

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