Issue Advocacy

Surface heartfelt stories

that make it easier for people to contact their lawmakers and more effectively influence policy. Our products empower your audience to more easily share their unique opinions and directly advocate to lawmakers on behalf of critical issues or legislation.

Recent Success Stories

Re:store Justice put their supporters in touch with California state lawmakers in support of Senate Bill 1437.


The Human Rights Campaign used its video tool to showcase user-generated content and optimize its donation appeals.


The Int’l Justice Mission (IJM) used its lawmaker messaging tool in the recent anti-trafficking direct advocacy campaign.



Direct Advocacy

Enable supports to contact their lawmakers and advocate for your cause or legislation with a mobile-optimized / user-friendly tool that dramatically enhances conversion.

Heartfelt Stories

Collect user-generated messages from your supporters. Why do they support your cause? How does it affect their families? Then send these stories to lawmakers.

Lead Generation

Accrue lead generation from everyone who takes action, follow up with them about opportunities for return engagement, and cultivate your e-mail / social lists.

Deepened Engagement

Enable supporters to contribute more than canned form fields. By capturing their voices and narratives, you can help them climb the engagement ladder.


The Adoption Tax Credit Coalition

The Adoption Tax Credit Coalition leveraged our lawmaker engagement tool in its campaign to save Senate Bill 937: The Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act of 2017. Its primary campaign goals were as follows:

1. To engage its audience in support of this legislation
2. To send messages to lawmakers requesting their support
3. To collect heartfelt videos that could shape public opinion

In addition submitting their messages to Congress, the Coalition made a point of sharing them out on social media and in digital ads. This helped them spread the word more broadly, optimize social virality, and influence the public discourse.

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