Voter Mobilization


by providing a digital hub for all of their election resources. From voter registration and election reminders to state-specific ballot guides and unique volunteer opportunities, you'll be able to give folks a reason to stay involved and actually make it to the ballot box.

Recent Success Stories

The Countable Voter Center is architected to bring voters to their polling stations before the 2018 elections.


VoteRiders uses its Voter Center to provide the information and tools people need to cast a ballot.


Chelsea Handler engages her fans and supporters with powerful civic content and advocacy opportunities to get involved.



Voter Registration

Make is easy for your audience to register to vote, check their voter registration status, and sign up for election reminders. This is the most crucial step toward getting folks to the polls.

Election Content

Give your audience access to non-partisan ballot guides and election-oriented news. This will help cultivate educated voters and increase voter turnout.

Election Volunteering

Empower your supporters to make a difference beyond the ballot box. By making it easier for people to get involved, we increase the likelihood that they make it to the polls.

social Proof

Collect user-generated videos directly from your audience. Why are they voting? What's their voting plan? Then leverage these videos to show others that voting's in vogue.


VoteRiders Voter Center

VoteRiders is leveraging its own Voter Center to empower people around the country. Not only is it creating important content about voting rights and voter ID laws, but its facilitating voter registration and engagement — in a non-partisan civic way — all throughout the country. Its primary goals are:

1. To engage and empower people in advance of the election
2. To equip people with non-partisan voting resources and content
3. To continue paving the way in organizatoinal social responsibility

In addition to empowering its audience with non-partisan voting resources, VoteRiders is leveraging social proof to help get out the vote. Its doing this by collecting voting stories from amongst its employees, and using these stories to inspire others.

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