ABC5 Minneapolis

ABC5 Minneapolis

ABC5 Minneapolis engages its audience by empowering them to contact lawmakers and share unique stories and questions.


ABC5 Minneapolis (KSTP-TV), the upper Midwest’s first commercial television station, is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. Channel 5 signed on the air April 27, 1948, and today remains the only locally owned and operated broadcasting company in the Twin Cities. 


ABC5 Minneapolis (KSTP-TV) wanted to give their viewers a way to engage with the news, and take action on the the information they learn through regular media coverage. They launched KSTP 5 Take Action, complete with Lawmaker Messaging and Video Testimonial Tools to make it easy for viewers to make their voices heard on the issues they learn and care about online and through broadcast.


KSTP 5 Take Action empowers its viewers to do more than simply consume the news. It offers opportunities to act and share authentic questions and opinions. Specifically, they see:

  • Lawmaker messaging and videos in response to local and national issues.

  • Thousands of viewers engaged and taking civic action. 

  • ~4  lawmaker messages sent per every action-taker

KSTP 5 Take Action is among the first in the uncharted territory of actionable news. Their strong performance, and the creativity with which they apply action to news coverage everyday, opens the doors to how viewers can consume and engage with the news every day.