An Inconvenient Sequel

An Inconvenient Sequel

An Inconvenient Sequel drove audience to action on issues of environmental justice, engaging moviegoers beyond the theater.


An Inconvenient Sequel (AIS) is a 2017 American documentary film about former Vice President Al Gore’s continuing mission to battle climate change. The sequel to An Inconvenient Truth (2006), the film addresses the progress made in tackling the problem, and Gore’s global efforts to persuade governmental leaders to invest in renewable energy.


An Inconvenient Sequel sought to do more than simply educate the public. It also wanted to make a tangible difference on environmental justice. That’s why An Inconvenient Sequel leveraged their Action Center and custom pledge pages to engage moviegoers after seeing the film, educate them about climate change, and make it easier for supporters around the country to take sustained civic action.


The AIS Action Center became a center-point of the film’s civic education work, while its pledge page became a primary vehicle for action-taking. Over the course of their promotion, they recorded:

  • Thousands of unique pledges to join the #BeInconvenient movement 

  • 18% conversion rate from advocates to video messages submitted.  

Through incredible video messages and pledges, An Inconvenient Sequel helped raise the alarm around climate change, expanding the impact of their film to drive lasting action.