Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler engages her fans and supporters with powerful civic content and advocacy opportunities to get involved.


Chelsea Handler is an American comedian, author and activist. With a diverse career across comedy, television, and more, Chelsea Handler is a dedicated activist, working to support candidates, speak up about the issues she cares about, and inspire fans to action. 


Chelsea Handler is interested in leveraging her Action Center to surface factual information and actionable tools for her audience, empowering fans to more deeply engage, and offering them the outlet they need to make their voices heard in America’s heated and tumultuous political environment.


2018 is a year of action. With my focus on political advocacy in 2018, the Action Center exemplifies one of the new, creative ways in which I can keep my audience informed about crucial causes and the ways that they can make a difference.


With her Action Center and dedicated fanbase poised for political action, Chelsea Handler has inspired  thousands of civic actions on issues from immigration to the Supreme Court, elections, the environment, and more.

  • Thousands of civic actions including lawmaker messages, video testimonials, votes, and more,

  • 38% conversion rate from views to sign-ups to the Action Center.

  • 2.5 average actions taken for every sign-up to the Action Center. 

By promoting her Action Center as a primary platform—along with Twitter or Facebook—to find facts and opportunities for action, Chelsea Handler is trailblazing what engagement looks like in 2018 and beyond.