Countable Voter Center

Countable Voter Center

The Countable Voter Center is architected to bring voters to their polling stations before the 2018 elections.


Building on the insights and learnings we’ve accrued over years of facilitating digital civic engagement, we knew that Countable had a role to play in empowering people to exercise their most basic civic duty: casting their ballot in the 2018 midterm elections.


With the launch of the Countable Voter Center, we released a module for people to find all of the information, resources, and tools they need ahead of Election Day 2018. Specifically, the goal was to do more than surface information. We wanted to re-engage voters, and inspire them to not only register, but actually show up at the polls.


The Countable Voter Center is a one-stop-shop for voters find key dates, register to vote, hear stories from other voters, and more. Specifically, the Voter Center includes:

  • Voter Registration through our partners at TurboVote

  • User-generated video content to inspire voters across the country

  • State-by-State election information, dates, voter ID laws, and more. 

  • …and much, much more!
The Voter Center is a resource for all voters. In a year where voter turnout is the talk of the town, it’s the one-stop-shop users and partners alike have been asking for in 2018.