eBay gave New Yorkers the tools to advocate against the
Internet sales tax with thoughtful video messages.


eBay is an online marketplace, giving buyers and sellers the platform, solutions, and support they need to buy or sell almost anything in the world. eBay has 175 million active buyers on the platform, along with 1 billion live listings and 414 million app downloads.


With their Lawmaker Messaging Tool, eBay sought to collect video messages from New Yorkers about protecting Internet-enabled small businesses in the state, in particular around an Internet sales tax provision being added to a final budget bill.


eBay’s Lawmaker Messaging efforts were successful, and the Internet sales tax provision was not added to the final budget bill. eBay’s campaign featured:

  • Direct lawmaker messaging to New York lawmakers with rich video content  

  • 21% engagement rate with the Lawmaker Messaging Tool

Through its campaign, eBay empowered supporters to speak out against the Internet sales tax provision, and ultimately accomplish their goals.