Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign used its video tool to showcase
user-generated content and optimize its donation appeals.


The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the largest LGBTQ civil rights advocacy group in the United States. The organization focuses on protecting and expanding rights for LGBTQ individuals, most notably by advocating for marriage equality, anti-discrimination / hate crimes legislation, and HIV/AIDS solutions. The organization spearheads a number of legislative initiatives and creates supporting resources for LGBTQ individuals.


The Human Rights Campaign leveraged our lawmaker engagement tool for a handful of direct advocacy campaigns. But just as importantly, it leveraged our video testimonial tool for its year-end donation campaign. It did this by collecting user-generated videos about why folks had donated, and then leveraging those videos as social proof in their subsequent donation appeals.


HRC was successful in its fundraising campaign, raising scores of thousands of dollars from its supporters around the country. In a video-specific context, HRC achieved:

  • Thousands of messages sent to Congress

  • 40% conversion rate to action-takers

  • 27% share rate across social media

With their video content, HRC also built dedicated video gallery that features curated messages from supporters to make an even greater impact.