NBC5 Chicago

NBC5 Chicago

NBC5 Chicago (WMAQ) has empowered its audience to contact public officials and contribute their views on stories.


NBC5 Chicago (WMAQ-TV) is an NBC owned-and-operated television station licensed to Chicago, Illinois. WMAQ-TV provides coverage across the news, weather, investigations, entertainment, and more.


NBC5 Chicago (WMAQ-TV) was looking for a way to give their viewers new opportunities to engage with the news, and take action on the content they consume through regular coverage. They launched NBC5 Sound-Off, where viewers can film short videos explaining their views on a given topic, and even see their video on-air to do just that.


To launch the Sound-Off feature, NBC5 unveiled the following:

NBC5 is among the leading media organizations leveraging user-generated video content in their coverage, more creatively engaging their audiences and giving them opportunities to engage with the news.