Starbucks Voter Center

Starbucks Voter Center

Starbucks empowered voters with the information and tools they needed to cast their ballots in the midterms.


Starbucks is a leading coffee company and coffeehouse chain, with 25,000+ stores in over 75 countries. What’s more, Starbucks is trailblazing in the world of corporate social responsibility. Not only is the company focused on ethical sourcing, the environment, and community, but the Starbucks team also facilitates regular opportunities for civic education and engagement.


Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Starbucks wanted to empower employees across the country with the information and tools they’d need to register to vote and cast their ballot at the polls, as a part of their #tobeaVoter campaign.


The Starbucks Partner Voter Center offered Starbucks employees a central hub for everything they needed to be a voter in 2018, including: 

  • Voter registration through Turbovotes embedded tools

  • Volunteer opportunities to get involved in midterm elections 

  • State-by-State election information, dates, voter ID laws, and more. 

Starbucks’ commitment to ensuring that employees were prepared to vote in 2018 is trailblazing, and with the Starbucks Partner Voter Center they offered another way in which employees could be prepared.